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The Horizon Health Foundation teamed up with Dude Dad (Taylor Calmus), a Los Angeles-based social media celebrity (originally from South Dakota), and Sioux Falls Batman to promote children’s oral health and to raise funds for the Smiles for Miles program. Watch the video to see Dude Dad (Robin) and Batman team up to fight Dr. Cavities and promote oral health.

When Rett Osthus, now a sophomore at De Smet High School, was just a young child, his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not even in elementary school at the time, Rett didn’t understand the details of what his family was experiencing.

That dirty “c” word can be a family’s worst nightmare, but what happens when it comes back more than once or affects both of your parents?

The youngest two children in their family, Adyson and Mia Glanzer have always known their father as a hardworking, energetic man, who never missed a beat when it came to their lives and activities.

“Grandparents are a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”