Who is Horizon Health Foundation?  

We ensure health care access for rural communities. Horizon is the farmers, grandparents, and children. Horizon Health Foundation supports Horizon Health Care, Inc., which serves nearly 20 rural communities with local health care access. Our Foundation’s mission is to ensure the over 23,000 patients who visit us annually continue to receive community health services, including life-changing medical, dental, and behavioral care.  

Founded in 1978, Horizon Health Care, Inc. has nearly 30 clinics, employs over 250 staff, and serves over 26,000 square miles of rural South Dakota. We proudly serve all patients, no matter insurance status or payment ability. The Horizon Health Foundation was founded as a separate, non-profit 501(c)3 in 2016 to provide a permanent funding base for rural patients in need.


To inspire and empower our patients by providing funding for accessible and affordable health care now and into the future.


Establish a $25 million endowment, $2 million annually to transform patient lives in rural communities by keeping health care locally based, where the need is greatest.


  • Integrity - Clarity and honesty with all funding sources and allocations

  • Stewardship - Proper and considerate allocation of funds to best serve those in need

  • Compassion - Begin every endeavor with a heart for those in need

  • Community - Bring together individuals with a common cause of supporting healthcare

  • Inclusion - Unbiased support for all those who need healthcare

  • Empowerment - Make the source of rural healthcare strong and reliable

What We Do

Health care isn’t a job. It’s our calling—to help all those in need in rural areas and hometowns. The Horizon Health Foundation distributes 100% of donated resources to support patients with the following funds:

  • Behavioral Health Care - Approximately 20% of people have a mental illness, including depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia. And 85% of veterans don’t have access to VA healthcare. (Fund assists with education, care, and support.)

  • Cancer Care - Nearly 1 in 4 people will suffer from some type of cancer during their lifetime. One third of cases can be cured through early diagnosis. (Fund assists with cancer screening, treatment, and education.)

  • Charity Care - We support those who are forced to choose between paying for basic living costs or care and medicine. And 53% of our patients fall below the federal poverty line. (Fund assists with support for those unable to pay for medical care.)

  • Diabetes Care - Almost 10% of the population has this disease, and 30% of these people suffer with an undiagnosed condition. (Fund assists with education, prescriptions, and supplies.)

  • HorizonImpact (Greatest Needs) - For patients in dire situations, we support with a fund for urgent needs for everything from medical equipment to payment forgiveness. (Fund assists with unrestricted giving needs.)

Join Us

Together, we can reach those in need. Ensure rural communities continue to have access to vital health care services. Donate or volunteer today!

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