Cowboys Care Bull Bash

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“We were told she had Stage 4 small cell lung cancer – she could die within a week or live until she was 90.”

No matter your age, cancer is always difficult to understand – why it happened, how it’s affecting someone; there are an endless number of questions associated with the word.

“To the ten…to the five…touchdown Hofer!” As Michael Hofer, #14, breaks through his opponents to put another six points on the board for the Howard Tiger Football team with seconds left on the clock, a number of cheers can be heard from around the stadium.

Grandparents are those special people who let us get away with a little bit more than our parents do, who keep our favorite treats on hand just in case we visit, and who can typically be found bragging about their grandkids’ recently accomplished

Who is the Horizon Health Foundation? We're supporters of farmers, grandparents, veterans, and children. We provide a future for rural patients in need of local health care access. Watch our video explaining the Foundation and why we need your help.