Healthcare for rural communities...for you.

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Who is Horizon Health Foundation?....It's You!

We ensure health care access for rural communities. Horizon is the farmers, grandparents, and children. Horizon Health Foundation supports Horizon Health Care, Inc., which serves 22 rural communities with local health care access.

Our mission is to inspire and empower our patients by providing funding for accessible and affordable health care now and into the future.

Make a Difference

Health care isn’t a job. It’s our calling—to help all those in need in rural areas and hometowns. The Horizon Health Foundation distributes 100% of donated resources to support patients with the following funds:

Cancer Care
Charity Care
Dental Care
Horizon Community Clinics
HorizonImpact (Greatest Need)

Together we can reach those in need.

Ensure rural communities continue to have access to vital health care services. Patients in need will receive 100% of your donations. Donate or contact us to volunteer today!

We support patients who visit Horizon Health Care Inc., the largest community-based health care center in South Dakota.

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