Cowboys Care Bull Bash

Our Stories

Judy and Jerry Martin met online via a dating service. Judy said she was being a smart aleck because Jerry claimed in his profile to be a cowboy. She had heard from a friend there was a single man named Jerry working at Walmart and then realized the man she met online was the same Jerry. She went to Walmart to check him out a few times. One day she walked up to him and said, so you think you’re a cowboy, huh? He recognized her too. They started dating and never looked back. That was 13 years ago. They were married for eight.

Our family is grateful to have received services from the Smiles for Miles program.

Horizon offers 340B Drug Program when prescription costs skyrocket.

Employee emergency fund provides a safety net

A small moment in time led to thirty-plus years of heavy drug-usage, risky behaviors, and addiction.