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Horizon Health Foundation Gives Guidance on Leaving a Healing Legacy

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Howard (SD) – Would you enjoy knowing generations will benefit from your legacy? Horizon Health Foundation is launching a yearlong planned giving campaign called Leave a Healing Legacy that educates individuals on ways they can leave an impact that could last a lifetime.

Horizon Health Care operates 32 medical, dental, and behavioral health clinics in 22 communities across South Dakota. Support from donors allows Horizon to serve everyone regardless of a patient’s ability to pay or their insurance or Medicare status.

This mission is made easier by donor support via endowments.  An endowment is like a savings account. These gifts are a perfect way to leave a legacy of affordable, quality health care for your local community or patients across the state of South Dakota. It can be preserved or allowed to modestly grow so your original investment has long-lasting impact. Each year, funds are distributed to meet needs you identify. By investing a specific amount, the Foundation can then pool that money with other funds. The funds generate interest and increases the power of the original investment. Donors can choose the way in which their dollars are spent by designating a specific community or program to support.

“Individuals establishing an endowment gift will grow to become a permanent legacy of support for our good work,” said Tracy Pardy, Executive Director of the Horizon Health Foundation.  “You may wish to make an endowment gift in your honor, or in memory of another person. We can help you make a gift that creates a legacy of remembrance for you and your loved ones.”

There are a variety of benefits in choosing to create an endowment. The impact can last forever or a specified amount of time, there are no administration costs, it is simple to set up with Foundation help, you can add to it, create it now or in your will, and can use a variety of assets to fund it. Creating an endowment entitles the donor to certain tax benefits.

“An endowment allows you to help preserve and build on the quality, affordable care our patients, and the rural communities we serve, rely on from Horizon Health Care,” Pardy said. “Leaving an endowment allows you to be a direct part of keeping our communities well.”

Contact Tracy Pardy at 605-772-4553 or email her at for information on how to create an endowment.

About Horizon Health Foundation

The Horizon Health Foundation was established in 2016 to ensure rural health care access to those in need and provide funding for Horizon Health Care. Horizon Health Foundation, a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation, seeks through responsible activities to encourage and derive sustaining gift support from current and former patients and interested friends, including corporate entities. The Horizon Health Foundation, operating in coordination with Horizon Health Care, is the duly designated fundraising arm for Horizon Health Care.  In the broadest sense, the purpose of the Foundation is to create an awareness of the financial needs of Horizon Health Care, which are not provided by patient charges and to systematically implement plans by which dollar needs can be met.