Bulldogs Bark Back @ Cancer - Rett's Story

When Rett Osthus, now a sophomore at De Smet High School, was just a young child, his grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not even in elementary school at the time, Rett didn’t understand the details of what his family was experiencing. However, now that he has seen the wrath of cancer first-hand throughout the De Smet community, he is grateful to have his grandmother here with him as a cancer survivor.

Luanne Osthus, lives just a mile away from her grandchildren, which makes it easy for Rett to visit her every week. “We are very close,” said Rett. “Growing up, she would bring me to games and I liked staying at her house on vacation days.”

Rett describes his grandmother as energetic, funny, loving to her family, and always up for anything, which makes it hard for him to imagine what it was like for her while battling cancer.

“I can’t imagine her not being able to be with us today,” said Rett. An active student, Rett is involved in track, golf, basketball, and football – and Luanne rarely misses the chance to cheer him on.

Outside of sports, Rett enjoys spending time at her farm doing mowing and yardwork with her. Their best memories together have been made going to the state fair and camping with her and the rest of their family.

“She’s a great lady, she would do anything for our family and me,” said Rett. “She loves everyone and is a great cook. She’s just a hardworker.”

The Osthus family’s story with cancer has had a positive outcome that is a constant reminder how important it is to cherish the loving mother and grandmother they have been blessed with. Rett’s advice for others battling cancer would be to “stay strong, because we’re all in it together.”

As the De Smet High School students join together to raise money and awareness through “Bulldogs Bark Back @ Cancer”, Rett is just one of the many students who has experienced the wrath of cancer first hand and Rett has chosen to step up and share his story and give advice to others who may be going through the same battle.